Construction of dacha frame houses has recently become one of the main among Ukrainian construction companies. It is important to consider that it is houses on the Canadian technology from the manufacturer ECOPAN enjoy the most stable and deserved demand.


Normal skeleton summer houses from ECOPAN – a great look and energy efficiency


Even though many of us go to the cottage for a few weeks a year, the functionality and appearance of your structure (in the eyes of others) play an important role. Modern dacha frame houses have a great exterior and energy efficiency, and their cost allows you to talk about a “new wave” in construction.


Compared to buildings made of traditional bricks, stone, wood, or aerated concrete, the turnkey frame houses are at least 2-3 times cheaper. In this case, such a frame of holiday homes can be erected at almost an “Olympic” pace: their construction rarely takes more than 3-4 weeks.


Skeleton country house is made with the use of SIP -structured polystyrene foam panels, which are erected like a child’s puzzle. We produce all the necessary details with grooves for fast assembly.


A country house with a frame does not require heavy machinery for its construction, almost all the work is done manually. A country house for a frame is a pre-numbered SIP panel, which is connected with standard fasteners.


We offer turnkey frame houses as the most popular service of our company. Such a vacation home will guarantee you:


Privacy and relaxation away from the noisy metropolis;

A great place for family vacations or spending time with friends;

A great “springboard” for lovers of vegetables and fruits, an outlet for everyday work.

If you want to find the perfect vacation home, Ecopan will help you make a perfect choice. Our houses are always warm in winter and cool in summer, they are maximally energy efficient, and their cost allows us to recommend such buildings to any category of clients.


We offer all kinds of sizes, different thicknesses of panels, and projects of any complexity. Our equipment allows us to carry out projects to individual orders in any volume. This allows us to guarantee affordability and successfully compete in the market with similar offers from competitors.

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