For most people, building a country house seems like a time-consuming, long-term process. There is an idea that it is much easier to buy real estate on the secondary market than to go into the plans and estimates. Besides, in the consumer’s opinion, the house will be built not one year, and one does not want to wait so long.


Our company is ready to prove to you that the construction of country houses is a very fascinating process which can be completed in less than a year. For this, you need to order a project of your future dwelling from us and give us the task to build it.


Stages of Country House Construction

There are several main stages of building country houses, which you can go through with our specialists. The first of them – gathering information – you can go through on your own. Visit construction exhibitions, read the specialized press, talk to friends about architecture, all this will help you create a rough sketch of your future home.


Next, you can order the project, while making out the land for construction. Once all the paperwork is settled, the construction of the country house begins. It consists of the following stages:


Initial work: clearing the site and removal of garbage, preparation of access roads, and laying the foundation

Construction of “box”: envelope and supporting structures are built, at the end of the stage we will obtain the walls with window and door openings

utility connections: sewage system, the arrangement of hot and cold running water, heating, power supply. If you have on-site in addition to the main house will be farm buildings and, for example, a swimming pool, you must think in advance about bringing communications to them

Let’s close the contour: the roof is built, doors and windows are installed, the walls are trimmed from the outside

Arrange the utility systems inside: all the consumers are installed and then connected to the previously installed utility systems

Internal finishing: the final stage when the interior of your dwelling is created.

Construction of cottage houses on a turn-key basis implies your settling into a ready mansion right after the end of works.


Our company has been engaged in the construction of country houses in Kyiv for quite a long time. Due to the diligence of our masters, your house will be ready in the shortest possible time, and the technology of construction will not be broken even minimally. We guarantee the quality of construction.

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