Canadian houses fully meet the requirements and needs of their owners and in many ways exceed their expectations. The reason for this is many obvious benefits and advantages of such buildings. Why do people from around the world and our compatriots, in particular, are increasingly choosing houses built on Canadian technology? The answer to this question is quite simple: all because these houses are highly valued when considering all the important aspects and factors that are taken into account when choosing a home. So, among those are:


Heat Saving Houses

Due to the fact that SIP-panels (also known as sandwich panels) with insulation are used for construction, these houses have unique heat-saving properties. Accordingly, heating your home during the cold period will require less energy and money. The savings will be felt immediately. Thus, by choosing frame houses, you solve the problem of heating at the stage of construction – you solve the problem of heating in the most intelligent way.


Fire safety in your home

Turnkey construction of Canadian houses is carried out with strict observance of all existing standards of quality and safety. In particular, it is necessary to emphasize such an important aspect as fire safety. Numerous studies confirm that compared to other building materials SIP-panels are more difficult to ignite, and under the influence of high temperatures do not release toxic and life-threatening substances. The composition of SIP-panels contains polystyrene foam insulation and OSB boards which are classified as low-flammable materials.



The most important question for each customer: “When can we start the repair? Let’s answer succinctly: “Right away!” Immediately after construction, the walls, floor, and ceiling are completely ready for finishing work. So while our builders will be constructing your house, you can already choose wallpaper, laminate, and other materials for interior decoration.


Speed of construction

To build a Canadian house, you need only a few months or even less – it all depends on the design and amount of work.


Price – how much does a turnkey Canadian house cost?

Comparing with the cost of housing on the primary and secondary markets, the construction of Canadian houses becomes one of the best offers. In short, for the same money, you get not a small apartment and your own large house with excellent technical and operational features. The most favorable price and excellent quality offers the company “Ecopan”, to which you can trust the construction of your home.

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