Construction of a turnkey bathhouse

Hearing the word “bath” makes you feel warm at heart. The tradition to visit the steam room dates back to ancient Russia, this way our ancestors strengthened their health and cured of many diseases. After the bath the skin becomes clearer, softer, blood circulation improves, muscle tone increases, and all in all, it’s great! Do you want to have your sauna? So that at any time to be able to relax with health benefits? Turnkey Bathhouse is the way out for those who value their money and time!


Turnkey Bathhouse Construction Advantages with Ecopan

Company Ecopan offers building construction services in Kyiv. Many people think that the turnkey bathhouse price is comparable to large-scale house construction. However, this is far from it. We will construct a building at a country cottage or a private house quickly and with high quality. We build frame buildings from quality materials of our production (SIP panels ECOPAN), so we do everything quickly. We deliver materials to the site and carry out the installation in a matter of hours. We carry out the construction of bath inexpensive and fast for several reasons:


-when working with frame-panel structures you do not need a foundation, which saves time and money;

-interior finishing of the sauna is carried out immediately after the construction of the building;

-we use environmentally friendly materials;

-the materials retain heat well, so additional insulation is not required.


An individual project of a bath for you!

Our company has been building turnkey saunas in Ukraine for a long time. Therefore, we guarantee quality and meet deadlines. Do you want an unusual building? Something completely different from your neighbor’s property? We are ready to offer individual projects of bathhouse construction in which every detail will be stipulated. Do you plan to invite friends or colleagues to spend time in the steam room? Do you have a small child who needs a separate place for water procedures? We take into account every detail!


Our designers develop a project of the building and the interior, and then our highly qualified specialists start to work. The construction of the baths is made of special heat-insulating (SIP) panels, which we produce. How much costs to build a bath? The cost depends first of all on a class of construction, complexity, and square meter. Call us right now and we’ll quickly build a steam room of your dreams for a quality rest!

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