Compact house made of SIP panels, 26m2

We bring to your attention a full-fledged house of 26 m2. Designed for one or more people. In such a small area there is everything you need: – living / dining room 17.5 m2, where at the entrance there is a place for cabinets for shoes and wardrobes for outerwear, a full-fledged sofa and a dining table; – kitchen 6.2 m2, work surface with sink stove and refrigerator, and the ability to look out the window while cooking adds light and comfort to the kitchen; – bathroom 3.8m2, with shower; – terrace 10.4m2, small, but enough space to retire with a cup of coffee in comfortable chairs. The appearance of the house attracts the eye. It successfully differs among barnhouses similar in concept. And the combination of different textures and colors of the facade wood emphasizes the unusual shape of the house.

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Pitched roof

House purpose

A private house

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