Canadian technology houses are one of the latest market trends in our country. Canadian house designs have become a new and promising direction in residential and administrative construction in Ukraine. Specialists believe, not without reason, that Canadian technology in many cases is economically more profitable and more relevant to our climatic conditions than buildings from traditional materials.


Construction of houses on Canadian technology means, first of all, availability and comfort for its residents. House on the Canadian technology is fully consistent with the most modern building standards, and its erection takes only a few weeks. The Canadian technology of house building consists in the production of consumable elements of the construction in the factory and their quick assembly (like a child’s construction set) at the site.


Construction of a Canadian house: peculiarities of the technology


Canadian technology of building a house makes it possible to obtain structures of almost any complexity. The construction of a house based on Canadian technology implies the use of special heat insulation boards, manufactured with high precision in the production workshops of the company Ecopan.


We offer houses on Canadian technology on a turnkey basis and guarantee perfect compatibility of all panels, thanks to the use of modern technology. Our houses of Canadian technology do not require a high-strength foundation, they practically do not give shrinkage.


Today to build a house with Canadian technology means profitable to invest in the future, quickly erected houses with Canadian technology from the company Ecopan distinguishes the highest economics and aesthetics, practicality, reliability, and longevity.


Ready-made houses in Canadian technology requires no additional insulation of the walls, the technology of Canadian houses also ensures that your floor and roof will be securely insulated. House in Canadian technology stands out against the background of standard constructions, it fits perfectly into any landscape.


Canadian technology for the construction of frame houses allows for the same money to build buildings of greater area and energy efficiency than buildings from traditional materials. Building a house using Canadian technology will allow you to save serious money on both consumables themselves and the foundation and finishing.


Technology Canadian house – why it is profitable:


Houses on the Canadian technology distinguishes affordable cost, they are more energy-efficient and pay off faster buildings made of stone, wood, and bricks;


Build houses on Canadian technology do not require a solid foundation;


Houses of Canadian technology (Ukraine) are quickly heated in winter and slowly give up the heat in summer. House of Canadian technology keeps cool for a long time;


Canadian technology houses do not imply its shrinkage, so the finishing work inside and outside can begin immediately after the erection of the box;


Even the most architecturally complex frame house in Canadian technology is built in a couple of months, and that saves your money and time;


Canadian technology allows you to build houses even in winter without losing quality;


The production of houses in Canadian technology is environmentally friendly, such buildings are distinguished by the highest rates of heat and sound insulation;

Prefabricated houses with Canadian technology are resistant to the harshest weather conditions, they are strong and maximally durable.


The cost of the house on the Canadian technology is more than affordable, and its payback period is only a few years. Canadian technology houses in Ukraine from the company Ecopan – is your step into the future, it is a real saving on bills and housing maintenance, it is the basis of your family and economic well-being.

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