You will be surprised, but it is winter with its dry air and lack of wet precipitation is the period, the most optimal for the assembly of wooden structures, including frame-panel. This statement will surprise many because the construction of houses more often takes place in a warm season. The fact is that the construction of the house at low temperatures is complicated only when using the so-called “wet” processes. The technology of frame house construction ECOPAN involves the use of methods of “dry” construction.


How do we do it?

We can carry out concrete work at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius using modern additives and possessing the latest and most effective methods of work. We install pile-screw foundations for frame-panel houses, including SIP-panel houses, and we do it at any temperature during one or two days.


As you can see, for the construction of houses with technology ECOPAN frost is not an obstacle. In winter we work in the usual way, changing only the shape of workers and the assembly foam, which has a special composition. The technology of the construction of frame houses allows you to carry out installation work as quickly as possible. House set is made in the shop, not on site. This means that our crews need the same amount of time to assemble it as in summer.


The main advantages of winter construction:

Build SIP panel and frame houses in the wintertime is not only possible but even necessary. There are several good reasons for this, including:

A good selection of lumber and wood, the demand for which decreases significantly in the winter. This means that you will find faster and cheaper to buy all the necessary materials;

No risk of wood contamination by various fungi, insects, and parasites that can occur during the transportation of materials and their storage;

Favorable for the final drying-shrinking of wooden structures – natural gradual and uniform removal of excess moisture from the wood (by the way, in summer to achieve a similar result is much harder because under the influence of sunlight can occur warping and cracking solid wood)

Absence of wet precipitation, allowing you to build a house under the roof without soaking the wooden structures;

No dirt during the construction of the house, that is, a clean construction site;

Opportunity to buy finishing materials at more favorable prices. The reduction in the cost of building materials is due to the lack of high demand, which increases in the spring. Thus, you can profitably buy finishing materials at various discounts and promotions, while we will assemble the house kit;

The opportunity to use the services of the best builders. Remember, in spring and summer, the demand increases not only for building materials but also for the services of repairers. In the winter, builders will work quietly and without rush, as at this time they can do it for fun and not rush to complete as many orders as possible. Besides, the best builders work in both winter and summer.


The technology of construction of frame houses ECOPAN has proven itself as the most high-quality and reliable. It is popular not only in our country but also abroad. That is why we suggest you start building a house from SIP panels in winter.

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