Everyone is talking about saving resources and energy-saving today. And it is understandable, the payment of utilities is a tangible item of monthly expenses of each Ukrainian.


Before you fight the problem, it is necessary to diagnose it, then the “treatment” will be more effective, and the costs are much lower. So, to understand what measures should be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your home, it is worth conducting a professional analysis of the consumption of energy resources, which allows determining the rationality of their use. This service is called – energy audit.


This analysis will allow you to answer several questions:

What is the source of irrational energy consumption?

What is your home’s current energy efficiency rating?

What is the potential for saving energy?

What steps do you need to take to continue using resources wisely?

Thus, the energy audit – is an excellent opportunity to reduce resource and financial costs.


The energy audit is carried out as a whole in all parameters or separate parts:

Thermal imaging survey of the building (preferably carried out at ambient temperatures of +5 to -15 ° C);

collection of information about the building envelope (walls, windows, roofs, and floors);

analysis of technical and financial documentation of the facility (including data on payments for utilities of previous periods) needed to calculate savings;

collection of information on the engineering networks of the building (heating, hot and cold-water supply, sewage, ventilation, power, and gas supply systems).


Based on the results of the energy audit you will receive an energy passport for the facility, which displays:

-class of energy efficiency of the building;

-current indicators of energy consumption – how much heat and energy are needed to heat the building;

-indicators of energy consumption in the building – energy consumption, including losses in pipes, networks, boilers.


According to the law “On Energy Efficiency Fund” with the energy passport of the object you can count on a partial return on investment in improving the energy efficiency of your building. According to the results of the analysis of the energy passport, the Fund provides grants to legal entities and individuals to implement projects on energy efficiency. Also, the payback will take much less time compared to the period when energy consumption was a source of additional financial costs.


To order an energy audit you can call to Ecopan office by phone +380676560818; +380503824592; +380442211221

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