Before we decide to take any serious step in our lives, we imagine a thousand times how and what will happen, thereby preparing the mind for a decision that has already matured. This is a kind of adaptation. At this stage, there are usually a lot of questions. This is very good because the clearer and clearer the plan, the closer the goal.


That is why we put all clients of houses from ECOPAN in a detailed algorithm of how to build a house with us.


So, stage one is an acquaintance. This is probably the most important stage. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. The more information we get about you and your family, the more comfortable they will feel in their new home. At this stage, there is no such thing as detail. We want to know everything: do you have pets, how often your grandmother comes to visit or perhaps lives with you, do you like picnics and do you have visitors often?


Step two. Design and budget. After gathering information and discussing all the details, we begin designing your home. We create a visualization of each of the rooms, and if you want we can create a 3D model, so you and your family members can “wander” through your rooms at home. You will always understand all the construction features of your future home and you can make any adjustments.


And only after that can we start budgeting. We work on the principle of an open book – we give you a full report of the cost of certain works and materials. The process of agreeing on the budget will not be a baffling and painful exercise for you.


The third stage. The contract. At this stage, all materials and organizational aspects are completely agreed and approved. In the contract we fix:


a detailed specification of materials and works;

the terms of work under the contract;

the sums and stages of payments;

we attach and sign with the customer the project documentation.

You can be sure that all these stages will be completed accurately and on time. Each stage after successful completion is closed by the protocols of work performed.


Stage four. Production of prefabricated houses. Our specialists prepare cutting and assemble the house set according to the approved documentation. Then, in the professional equipment manufacturing stage we make a complete house set. It includes all bearing walls, partitions, inter-floor ceilings, and roofs. The connecting bar is prepared. The house kit is completed with all the necessary fasteners. According to the volume of a material selected by truck, loading, and delivery to the site of the customer.


Typically, to save time, this process takes place in parallel with foundation work on the customer site.


Stage five. Assembling a house on the site. After foundation work and delivery of the house set on the customer site, we proceed to the installation. For example, installation of a box of a house of 100 m2 of SIP panels takes about 10 working days. It does not require heavy machinery; the installation is carried out by a team of 4-5 people.


The main stages of installation:


installation of starter bar under the load-bearing walls and partitions;

mounting of bearing walls and partitions;

installation of intermediate floors;

Warm roof installation from SIP panels

External and internal finishing, installation of doors, windows, and decorative elements.


House of SIP panels gives no shrinkage, so immediately after the house set installation you can begin both exterior and interior finishing work:


Roofing work (installation of roofing, trim roof overhangs, drainage system device)

glazing is important to perform before the facade work begins

exterior decoration

interior works

There are no restrictions in ECOPAN houses regarding the choice of finish materials, heating type, and engineering network. We will offer you the best variants according to your budget and functional preferences.


Stage six. Putting a new house into operation, signing the deeds, and closing the contract. Upon the successful completion of all works, we sign the delivery-acceptance act and wish our clients a long and happy life in their new ECOPAN home.

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