Due to the unique characteristics of structurally insulated panels (hereinafter SIP) are ideal for roof structures, whether it is a new house, an extension, or a replacement roof. The main advantages of this type of roofing include the following characteristics.


Versatility. Panels for the SIP roof are universal and suitable for most configurations: gable, flat, hipped, mansard.


Durability. The roof of the SIP compares favorably with other options for its strength. Such a roof is not afraid of any big snow or wind.


Modularity and ease of installation. To you on the site will deliver, in fact, a ready-made roof, cut to the size of your home.


Connected by a dry board between the panels, the joints sealed, so that the SIP roof does not have thermal bridges. Can be factory assembled into large elements of the roof. Installation can be done manually or with a crane at any time of year.


More living space. Panels are usually placed on the wall and ridge beam without any additional support. Thanks to this, the space under the roof can be left completely open for future use. An additional advantage is that the panels are completely flat, and you can start interior finishing of the under-roof space immediately after installation.


Energy efficiency. When using SIP roofing not only the attic floor will be warm but the whole house as well since SIP has unique thermal insulation characteristics that affect the energy efficiency of your home. This will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of heating.


We hope this material was useful to you, and our arguments in favor of the SIP roof is convincing enough!


In this case, you should be aware of one feature of the roof of the SIP, namely the need for additional ventilation in the house with this roof. This is, we can say, the downside of energy efficiency. The fact that the high density and reliability of joints of panel elements, forced sealing, the lack of slots leads to a complete lack of air exchange. This situation is easily remedied by a good recuperation system of your house.

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