A house made of SIP panels, 49 sq.m.

This is a compact and fully functional one-story country cottage. The uniqueness of its appearance is given by the wooden frame on top and plaster on the middle and lower levels. A simple design allows you to build such a house in a short time, and adds lightness to it. Although the house may not look so big from the outside, it is very spacious inside. Special attention was paid to the practical planning of the rooms. There is a place for a separate wardrobe in the corridor, through which you can get to all the rooms without exception. The living room is connected to a spacious dining room. On one side of the dining room is the entrance to the bathroom with a shower, and on the other – to the living room. The living room is divided into several zones: a game zone and a relaxation zone. You can eat both in the dining room and in the kitchen. For this, there is a wide table. The fireplace is in the living room and is able to heat the whole house even in the cold winter season.

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House purpose

A private house, Country house

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