A house made of SIP panels, 267 m2

The main function of this house is recreation, because the location, site, layout and architecture itself encourage this. At the entrance of the house, we can see the garden and private area thanks to the large windows, which forms a connection between the architecture and nature.

The house consists of two main parts: the guard house and the owners’ house. These parts are connected by canopies and a small terrace, which adds integrity. In addition to this, these blocks are conventionally separated, which allows the owners and staff not to cross each other, saving privacy. Except for the spacious living room, master and guest bedrooms, there is also a work area and a small  area for rest, they are not separated as rooms to maintain the feeling of open space.

The terrace in this building has two-level. The upper level has space for a large dining table, the lower level has a jacuzzi, and the upper level can be used for seating.

The architecture is simple, with the use of light colors that blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

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House purpose

A private house


Pitched roof

House area

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