A house made of SIP panels, 219 sq.m.

This project consists of 2 buildings, which, thanks to their shape and the surrounding greenery, form a special composition. According to the general concept, each house is divided into 3 main functional blocks:
1) entrance block (with technical and service premises),
2) the main unit with a large living room and kitchen of 69 m2. This area is special – it has a high ceiling, a spacious sitting area with a fireplace, stained glass and large windows, which gives us the feeling of combining the space of the room with the street.
3) a block with two children’s rooms of 15.5 m2 each and a large master bedroom of 21.6 m2 with its own bathroom.
Outside, there is a large terrace of 105 m2, which goes around the entire perimeter of the house. Part of it is under the canopy, which is an extension of the roof, part under the pergola. The total area of each building is 218.6 m2. The materials that were chosen for the decoration of the facades – rebate and wood, they are successfully combined with each other and create a harmonious facade plasticity.

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House purpose

A private house

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