Building a house is a serious process. The frivolous approach of “let’s start, and then we’ll see how it goes” is not an option in this case. The construction process should be approached thoroughly and consciously, understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it.


We have prepared for you a little hint or rather a few questions that you need to think about before you start construction.


Is it a true desire to own your own home?

It would seem, the answer to this question is easy, but it’s not. Country life and life in the city are different scenarios. Many issues are resolved by choosing the right site to build on. So, for example, if your job and your children’s schooling involve the daily presence in the city, then the site for the construction of the house should choose a 20-25 km suburb.


Or here’s another thing, often happens that the desire to have your own home is inspired by your environment and/or status. All my friends have one and I need one. Do I need one? Perhaps, at this point in your life, you might want to put your energy into something else. And wait for the moment when you will want to have a house.


What kind of house do you need? 

So, let’s say, you answered yes to the first question. Then it’s time to think about what kind of house you want? Based on experience with our customers between “I want such a house” and “I need such a house” – a gulf.


It is worth a clear understanding, that the house you are building for yourself and your family. Dreams of a “family nest”, which you want to inherit for your children and grandchildren, as a rule, remain unrealized. We recommend that the existing family composition + 1 room. Experience shows that, as a rule, this is more than enough. Consider your family composition: young children, elderly parents, frequent young children, elderly parents, frequent guests who stay with you overnight – all these factors should be taken into account. It is this information, rather than a picture you like, should determine what exactly what your house will be like.


On what budget can you expect? 

A very important point – understand exactly the budget for the construction of the house. You must clearly understand: all unforeseen expenses will delay your housewarming, which means that your energy will be diminishing. Incorrect or inaccurately calculated energy = long-term construction, which means “-” satisfaction and joy in the outcome.


What material and construction technology to choose from?

There are many options. The answer to this question is often dictated by your budget and the time in which you plan to build a house. We build houses of fast construction of SIP panels. You can read about the advantages of this technology you can read in other materials on our website. Let’s say only that this is probably the fastest, most economical, and accurately calculated technology of construction.


What engineering systems to choose from?

It is worth understanding that this is not only a question that affects the budget and the course of the construction of the house but also determines the budget of its operation in the future. We recommend paying attention to the new technological solutions in this matter that will help you save money in the future and make living in the house comfortable and safe.


And the last, in our opinion, rhetorical question: to build yourself or trust the professionals?

We believe that everyone should mind his own business. Working with a construction company you trust it to realize your dreams and you know whom to ask if something goes wrong.

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